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Home and Hearth

Displaying #EMYoga Art is easy! Place Your new piece or pieces on any shelf, counterspace, window ledge, etc. Not only does #EMYoga look beautiful as a stand alone, multiple pieces may be arranged together. The ideas are limitless!

To create a stained-glass window effect, stretched canvases look beautiful with a light source shining on them from behind (as pictured). Colors will deteriorate exposed to natural light; EMYoga invites You to receive the blessing and wonder of natural chemical changes and allow colors to fade as day into night and night into day.

Music (👉Listening To)

Without music, life would be a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Music opens the door for expression of emotions and enrich Our lives in immeasurable ways. #EMYoga invites You to enjoy, share, follow, and support Our world musicians on Your favorite platform, or by visiting any or all of the beauty and inspiration found herein. May Our #practices be blessed with this healing #abundance.

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