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Why Teachers Should Blog


This is my first year blogging as a teacher.  Every morning I get up and check my work emails, which also contain the new posts and comments on a few educational blogs I follow.  Anyone who reads this, which is probably mostly just me, knows that I love Two Writing Teachers, but recently through Slice of Life Tuesday participation, I have discovered so many dedicated, talented teachers I get excited just to get up and check my work email.

Every teacher should blog about their profession.  It may be quite a mixture of mundane with magical, the everyday with the teachable moment, the dirty with the sparkly fresh new year, but in the end it is small insights in one’s posts that inspire, cause me to stop and hold my breath, make me think.  There is absolutely time for analyzing, griping just a bit, and reorganizing oneself with fresh ideas that you beg, borrow, and steal from someone else.  Likewise, there is time for whimsy and exploration, discovery and research, writing and reflecting.

Each day, therefore, like a new school year, becomes a possibility.  Each blog I write moves me forward to (perhaps) uncharted territory.  Each word I blog helps me see more and that makes me strive to be better.  Something amazing happens when you think of yourself as a writer.  You become a creator.  I think every teacher should blog (just a bit), dabble (just a bit), and take a risk (just a bit), if only to hear their own voice and share in the eternal conversation that teachers love to share.

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