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Rainbow Series

β€œTo believe in faeries is to step into an enchanted space where the rational mind meets the irrational heart, and all things become possible.”

Brian Froud, from


As You are reading this, You might wonder where Irresistible Circumstances disappeared into. Or perhaps, You wonder when the irresistible shall return to circumstances. Well, I’m here to share the beginnings of a little story, and perhaps some of Your questions will be answered, and perhaps, You will have many more. And there will be time, I suppose, for those questions, or not. The last three years flew by, so We might as well count on that the next three years will do the same, hopefully with less trauma, uncertainty, and unknowing, but just as many moments of discovery and wonder in gratitude of the Love that surrounds us, even in the darkest hour. However, that, my Friends, is for another time. For the moment, let Us begin with Iris.

This is summer for a veteran teacher–the first in over a decade and some change. It’s rained twice today, as it will in Florida, and there is no stopping the return of relentless heat, and bugs, and costly electric bills. Yet, today also offers the possibility of much more. And what could that be in addition to summer #abundance, You ask?

The word, petrichor, comes to mind. But heart and mind speak different languages, as water and air. And we may wonder if these never talk then at all? Yet Iris, great goddess (at least in my eyes) offers Her help. See what a little Sun shine can do for Us here on Earth in shimmering (or snaking) Their way into Our darknesses? She keeps us going forward, but remembering moment. And, if We can suspend Our rational mind for just a minute, We let a little dreamy romanticism into Our weary, water-logged hearts. So, She gathers with rain drops and wind gusts, cheering Us on. That roof? Your lawnchairs? Your picnic plans? Iris is both the guardian and the guide, letting potentiality show Us world’s true colors, even those We never stopped to see before.

After rain, She invites us to slip into Our gardens, banter with the inhabitants, maybe sipping rainwater from leaf and limb, but (at the very least), touching the wetness, the soothing coolness. We may linger here before returning to where we were before, a bit damper, but grateful. Or perhaps, We drink this all in, never to return, never to return, never to return. For a moment is just that–a moment. We blink and Iris is gone. We forget the work She does to turn rain and wind into a rainbow. How She perfectly manifests Her business deal between regal Sun and storm gods. She is service oriented, and that’s why She can speak the language of air and water, as well as those of the Earth and Sea. She is a mediator, and teaches Us #balance; when We tiptoe between words and actions, She gifts us balance with her commands: Stop thinking, but don’t stop feeling! Presence! Breathe. The future is full of possibilities, and Iris invites us to consider petrichor. Whether it be through movement, through song, or through a growing awareness, let potentiality show Us world’s true colors of Summer, which is really all a part of the great cycle of the Year. However, that, my Friends, is for another time.




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Please check out The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud and The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth at Thank You for reading and receiving Iris’s blessing (You definitely have Mine, too!). May Our #practice together be a catalyst and the healing itself.


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