Irresistible #balance (Part 2)


Did you know that Irresistible Circumstances and Earthmother Yoga offer regularly scheduled practices to integrate the ancient technology of yoga with today’s circumstances. Today’s practice is a 45-minute, all levels one, utilizing mudra, intent/affirmation/mantra, asana/movement, visualization, and pranayama to bring balance.  Through our time together we will focus on bringing balance to an excessive earth element with the Prithivi Mudra, as well as alternate nostril breathing. 

Summer Practice #2: Balance (Prithivi Mudra)

As always, we invite you to practice together in the spirit and intention within the processes and language of nonviolent communication (#nvc).  As  consciousness and intent can be expressed through silence and our quality of presence, may our cultivation of this awareness and connection to moment in community be both the catalyst for and the #healing itself.


Visualization:   As you inhale, visualize light emanating through the heart and throat centers/chakra.  As we exhale, gently expel that which no longer serves us into the ground and into the air.     Additionally, I invite you to become aware of the sound of the breath in visualizing the inhale (So) as a beautiful incoming wave and the exhale (Hung) as a returning wave.

Pranayama:   We will utilize a smooth and consistent inhale and exhale of equal lengths with a short, natural pause between breaths, as necessary throughout the practice.  We will use alternate nostril breathing in a position of rock pose (sitting on our heels).  For today’s practice, we begin with using the right hand to plug the right nostril while the left hand is held in Prithivi Mudra.  We repeat the sequence to the left side.  To end this alternate nostril breathing variation, we release the mudra and the nostril, relaxing our hands to our thighs, taking 3 deep breaths in and out.


Prithivi Mudra – Encircle the ring finger and thumb.  Privithi Mudra, also known as the “Earth Mudra” works with the excessive energy of Earth, or root chakra (Hirsch, p. 84).  An alternative for those, like me, who are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, is to place the ring finger in the center of the thumb pad/base and apply light pressure with the thumb.  This mudra is said to stimulate body temperature, the liver, and stomach (Hirsch, p. 85). 


Utilize “So Hung” to connect with the divine.   So Hung means:  “I am that.”   In addition, we end class by offering three long Sat Nams.  Sat Nam mans:  “I am truth.”  Whether a whisper or voiced aloud, allow the mantra to stimulate and energize You, as in the use, these also take in and send out more energy to the subtle and physical bodies.  In short, like yoga, the vibration of each mantra produced by chanting can alter our inner condition (Ashley-Farrad, p. 49).

Nonviolent Communication (also called Compassionate Communication) carries the assumption that we have a shared desire to give and receive from the heart.  Thus, even yoga practice can cultivate compassionate communication which fosters listening, respect and deep empathy and engenders this mutual desire to give from the heart (Rosenberg, 12) both to ourselves and the greater world (when we are ready).  


Nonviolent Communication looks to integrate four things: consciousness, language (both verbal and nonverbal), communication, and means of influence, whereby we share our “power” with others rather than using our power over others.  In this practice, we explore methods to inwardly topple our self-made barriers of communication.  These barriers may include making moral judgements toward ourselves and others; denying responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions; a language of comparison; use of imperatives to demand rather than request, and other hierarchical forms, which are so deeply rooted within our psyche–all of which can obscure our awareness that we are each responsible for what we think, feel, say, and do (Rosenberg, 24).


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