Irresistible Middle Ground

Nec reditum Diomedis ab interitu Meleagri,nec gemino bellum Troianum orditur ab ovo;semper ad eventum festinat et in medias resnon secus ac notas auditorem rapit, et quaedesperat tractata nitescere posse relinquit. -Horace December's almost-predictable roller-coaster ride leads me to a beautiful #abundance of creative ideas and promised into 2021. The quarantining process brings with it a shift … Continue reading Irresistible Middle Ground


Love gently guides usAnd we can guide #LoveLove softly whispers#whatis is made of:To touch on the #As #hashtag makes soCaptures the #momentOf just #lettinggo I'm not going to lie (mostly because I rarely do, and when I do, it's only to myself). I've been working like crazy, trying to figure out what good teaching is supposed to look like without counting … Continue reading #irresistiblefutures