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The Master Maker appeared today. He’s the master of the forge upon which We craft Our #future. I have been warned since I was a young thing that #fire is dangerous, especially when flames #sing to Me, and sometimes I act too #young, I’m told. Nonetheless, The Master Maker reminds Us to #utilize Summer’s heat along with Our own #burning passions to bring about alchemical change for this is the dance of life; the spontaneity of Our organic movement (in words and actions) with that of the Universe brings Us into this #moment. We decide each #day in Our practices, what will I make of #today? And, knowing Our successes (as well as, being present to Our Own undoings), The Master Maker reminds Us that Day is, truly, a labor of #Love. We may get burned by The Queen of Hearth and Home, or Our bare bums roasted by The Queen of Laughter, but We are protected and given strength by His teachings. And if one thinks upon this for not-so-long, We feel oh-so-lucky that We received this #wisdom here as The Master Maker is a strict task-master, and only Our best will do. This means that We will enjoy Our Summer days, taking advantage of the sudden rainstorms and the splash of Sun for #wild thought soon to be transformed with The Master Maker’s experienced and skillful hands. He practices all the time, rarely taking a break. His work breathtaking, no? And, here, We are, inspired by the the Sunfish leaping! And, like the Earth, like the Sky, like a wave on the Sea, remember that Your very best work is most principled and most applicable to Us all, to Us all. So says, The Master Maker, and so say the Sunfish.


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Please check out The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud and The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth at Thank You for reading and receiving a full moon in Sagittarius’s blessing (& You definitely have Mine, too!). May Our #practice together be a catalyst and the healing itself.


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