Irresistible connectedness.

Work flow.

Source: Throw the ball. Don’t aim.

Irresistible Grace?

The teacher has no answers–only more questions.

Source: Distraction, Grace, and Direction

The irresistible sea not of our own making

Teenage boys, in particular, from about the age of 5th grade on up, seem to feel life is grossly unfair (and it is!).  Many of my students live in a “sea not of their own making.”  No pretty metaphors can make it better, but…in their objections [insert eye rolls here] do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  There’s nothing to do but dive in.  I wish I could reach them. but instead I’ll do my best to be present in their classroom lives.  That’s what all students deserve again, and again, and again.

Source: Again, and again, and again.

Irresistible questions?

As in life, how do we “let go” in the classroom?

Source: LETTING go?

Irresistible Restlessness.

Restlessness rather than mindset?  Resistance in the classroom (and other places)…#liveoutsidetheautobiography

Source: Restlessness.

Irresistibly Unconditioned

Somewhere along the way, students (and teachers) believe they “can’t.”  Learning and life are imperfect, messy, moving, changing.  Meditation offers a point of stillness from which to see that all is as it should be.

Source: Unconditionally Capable.

Irresistible Repetition.

The simplest practices in the classroom often go overlooked, especially by the teacher.  Here I suggest (to myself) hitting the simple reset button prior to my teaching day in order to be present.  #yoga


Source: Repeat.

Irresistible Tussle.

The tussle with learning is life-affirming.

Source: Tussle.