Irresistible Sunrise

I hear your song, Sisters
the gather and order of energy
rumbles from the Earth into my feet
and ripples through my body
long ago and into the future
no longer latent
ready to be used

I hear your song, Sisters
the release and adieu of labels
the loss unnoticed by the immense sky
and waves of wonder in thought
memories and knowing
no longer latent
ready to be needed

I hear your song, Sisters
the hunting and gathering of resources
flights of instinct and inheritance
and cycles of survival
darkly held in the sunrise
no longer asleep
ready to be heard

Irresistible Pranayama

A moment crystallized

exploding into the Self–

Where worry and fears unmasked

can be followed or acknowledged.

A short practice,

collecting negative thoughts

into a bowl of my making,

consists of simple stillness

and just the breath;

the structure of my body

struggling to be present

aware and nonjudgmental–

lessons that

Simple isn’t easy:

my eyes looking down

fixed and inward;

Thoughts form

in the space between

where the elements emerge

escaping my limitations, only to

cascade down dark rough landscapes

and rock walls of some expanse,

(now distinctive and recognizable),

Until I let them go with purpose

through the o-shaped mouth.

Stillness returns once

just like the Day, and other


Irresistible Darkness

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

-Mary Oliver

I’ve been playing around with meditation and movement to stretch into those insatiable moments of perfect clarity within today’s darknesses. Most naturally and efficiently, I delve into this in the early mornings, but 2020…

Current schooling is a quagmire of polarities, shifting norms, and constant regrouping–in short, facing personal fears while holding space for others to do the same (as well as myself). The essence of each moment rests on the ability to balance, and then act–not react–with wisdom and good work. I look for ways to infuse #gratitude into the impossibilities of the classroom, affected by our transition in and out of quarantine (for some) and digital learning for a short time (for more) and back to the brick-and-mortar classroom. We take a moment to share and we all feel better.

The nuggets from daily #practice erupt from micromovements (with)in and out of familiar postures and sequences of intuitive knowing of my own boundaries and landscape; I intentionally process through also familiar emotional thoughts, the accumulation of judgment of having fallen short, losing patience, despairing, complaining, waffling in confusion and indecision, or frustration, and this week, a lot of anger.

The only way to let go is to let in. Gratitude for the gifts of darkness.