Irresistible Practice

“Practice,” as in homework, takes buy-in.¬† What’s the buy-in for students in our classroom?¬† Grades?¬† Fear of consequences? Accolades?¬† Certainly not samyama.¬† It’s time to rethink why we assign homework in the classroom.¬† Practice is important, but so is teaching why practice is important and how frustration is part of challenge and growth!¬† via Beautiful Samyama

Irresistible faith.

Without faith in something, there is no opportunity.  via Inner Land Field

something to love

Hope and love are irresistible callings.¬† Let’s make them commonplace.

via Everydayness and Commonplaceness

Irresistible Notions.


I can’t imagine a classroom where flux and flow are just what they are…testing culture is alive and well in school.¬† It is difficult to let it go and just teach.¬† It is challenging not to be annoyed by classroom disturbances; at times, these feel like someone or something is pinging away from our test scores (i.e, our VAM scores).¬† ¬†Today, I will try to cultivate more presence and awareness to the forces that truly exist in the classroom and be present among and admist these, without judgment, without reaction, without annoyance.¬† All teachers know this is where teaching and learning truly reside.

via Flow and flux.

Irresistible struggles.

In the classroom, or out, our love is a direct product of how much we feed our two dogs.  The struggle is real, and cause for reflection and action.   Bad dog. Good dog.

Irresistible Reflection

Around the edges of the “work” day, the stuff of great classrooms, are the small rituals of reflection, practice, and preparation.¬† Time is of the essence of course.¬† The choices we make with and in even our smallest acts (before and after we go about our day) can cultivate love, peace, and compassion.

Source: Futility.

Irresistible Jitters

Today, I spend a few minutes meditating and reflecting on this opportunity to teach new and returning young people across many content areas. ¬†Last school year, I cultivated habits that have helped deal with stress, a constant and sometimes unfriendly bedfellow. ¬†I repeated the mantra #letgo and cleaned house internally, as well as externally (in the classroom and in the home–at least one closet!). ¬†At this time, the beginnings of a new and probably constantly changing, unpredictible school year (with 5 preps), I hold within me the #less-is-more mantra, but also #presence. ¬†May kindness guide my days and continue to fill my nights with the love of my family and friends. ¬†Peace. Peace. Peace.