#irresistible flexibility

Maple at #shinglecreek
In terms of bones
i move around
needing #structure
of the ground:
a wiggle here
to hear the click
the sound of concepts
when they stick
this gentle flow
within these walls
the bigger #container
holds us all:
the woman
not of man's design
and outside the scope
of common time
the Seasons matter
to the trees
(so #blissful can be
our memories)
where words, these fall
like gentle rain
#collecting to begin
just as winter's red
gives in to Earth
and Spring's bright pink babies
begin rebirth
out of muddiest sand
and intensions sweet
(the pain of  this #change
on blistered feet)
a seek to #balance
within my hands
that intersection
as one
in terms of bones
i move around
the #practice
is to hold
my ground
 a continued journey
round and round
#loveisall #loveislove

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